Philadelphia Biking and Beer

I am digging my bicycle right now. Like, a lot. It is such a good feeling to be out on the roads with the sun warming your skin. I can bike by myself and be perfectly content, but biking with friends is pretty fantastic too. I can talk about leaving Philadelphia all I want, but one thing I LOVE about the city is how easy it is to find people to ride bikes with. As long as you put yourself out there, I think you can find somebody you like to ride with. Sounds great, right?

Now add drinking beer and eating lunch to the mix and you have an even better time. I know, a lot of other places in the United States seemingly have more accessible options for outdoorsing and beering. But Philly can hold its own when it comes to biking and beer!

Conshohocken Brewing Company

I am part of Women Bike PHL, and thanks to them I found a great group of people to go on long rides with (shout out to Kate and Arianna for being so great!). The first ride we took was to the Conshohocken Brewing Company. This isn't actually phonetics, but read it as "con-sha-hawk-in" for all you non-Philly people. It's an excellent place to stand out on the deck, drink some beer, and eat some tacos from the truck out front. Or pretzels from the brewery. You can't go wrong either way!

This is a super easy ride from Philly direction-wise. Just head up the Schuylkill (skoo-kill) River Trail until you reach a building set back a ways, but two bike racks right off the trail. BOOM. You're there.

Tired Hands Brewing Company

This weekend, in fact, we just took a ride out to Ardmore, PA to visit Tired Hands Brewing Company. This is another one I've never visited, but I really enjoyed their beer! Lots of IPA choices for those IPA lovers out there. They also have 4oz sizes for those of you (like myself) who can't drink a ton of IPA. Also, they have pickles and paninis. Who could complain? And yes, you bet those paninis have some KILLER cheese on there. I suggest the Jeano's Panino if you go!

We rode through a lot of neighborhoods, and I actually really enjoyed it! It's a good Springtime ride, and the hills aren't THAT crazy. Although they're definitely steeper than what you would encounter in center city Philly.

Yards Brewing Company

Okay, I get it. You're visiting town and you don't have a bike. Or you're not super into hills or taking a couple of hours out of your day for biking. WELL. Philadelphia has (I have?) a solution for you. Your answer: Yards Brewing Company. So I haven't actually been here yet, but I have good recommendations from a lot of trustworthy friends! They've also got a tour, if you're into that! It's also next door to a rock climbing gym, so it makes a great date too.

FYI: This location is to change soon, so double check before you go!

FYI: This location is to change soon, so double check before you go!

Ah, but I haven't solved your "no bike" problem? Luckily, our new bike share service Indego has you covered. The Spring Garden Station, MFL is not a far walk from here at all. And there are tons of stations all over the city. The pricing is really reasonable and it is super easy to use. So even if you aren't into drinking beer and riding bikes, you can at least ride a bike.

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  • What's your favorite activity to pair with bike riding? I am a sucker for good food on a trip!