Classpass Philadelphia Review: First Impressions

When I decided that I was going to stay home for Spring Break, I knew I needed something to hold my attention. I wasn’t going to read research papers all day, or I was going to lose it. Winter was also giving us a (one last??) kick in the pants, so I also wanted something to brighten up my days.

If you read any big city-dwellers’ fitness blogs, you have heard about Classpass by now. Basically, you get access to all participating boutique studios for a month. You can take up to three classes at each studio in that time. I have a couple of classes under my belt, so I want to give my first impressions for a bit of a Classpass Philadelphia review.

Classpass Philadelphia Review


This would definitely go in the “pro” column for me. If you have your heart set on one studio, it may be hard to find a time to go/a class that’s not full (I’m looking at you, Unite). But this just forces you to GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! With exercise, this can be a great thing. On Tuesday, I am supposed to take a (small) kettlebell class. I am nervous, but it’ll be great!


Thank goodness I am a grad student with a crazy schedule. I can fit in some lunch time classes without worrying about getting back to the office. But I can’t do many evening classes. There are a TON of morning classes. I’m not a morning exerciser, per se, but I am trying. I took a 7am class at Flywheel on Monday, and it was a FANTASTIC way to start my day. I felt great all day! But if you commute from an early hour to a late hour, you may want to think twice about Classpass.


Let me start by saying, this is a great value. Depending on the city, Classpass is $79-99/month*.  Considering I took a class that is usually $30 (and I can take it 3 times), the value is GREAT. The sticker shock can be a little bit painful though. I am not sure yet if I will continue after my first two months (they are already paid for), but I will certainly let you know. They've since made a cheaper option where you don't necessarily have to pay for an unlimited pass. But I think THAT version is definitely not worth the price. You might as well pay the extra money and be able to go to all of the classes you want, as the difference is not giant.

*Update* This is no longer the cost that they are operating at. Scroll down to see if I still think Classpass Philadelphia is worth it!


I can’t speak for myself, because I live in center city Philadelphia, but it does seem like there are some good suburb options! So I would definitely recommend still checking it out. Side note: can we get an aerial yoga place participating in Center City? PLEASE? Update: we got one, I love it, go now!


Okay, Amanda but this is a travel blog. Get down to it. One of the most awesome features about Classpass Philadelphia is that if you're a member in one city, you have the option to be able to use Classpass in ANY CITY. That is a really freaking cool option if you're looking to stay fit on your travels.

Also, they are really great with issues on the "business side." When I had the stomach bug, I had to cancel a couple of classes. I talked to the studios, who said I wouldn’t get charged. And when Classpass Philadelphia did accidentally charge me a cancellation fee, they erased it within a day. So thanks for your quick response!

I think it's only fair of me to update this to say that I have since dropped Classpass Philadelphia. This is not because I think it's a bad deal and I've not had bad experiences with it. This is a simple case of grad school budget trying to prioritize travel. BUT I've gotten around quite a bit to a lot of the studios in Philadelphia. If you have any questions about which are the best or which I'd recommend, feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to chat!

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  • Have you tried Classpass in your city? What do you think?

Classpass doesn’t even know I exist, so these are all my own opinions. I was not paid or compensated in any way for this post.

Update: So let me be clear, this Classpass Philadelphia Review was written back when Classpass Philadelphia was hovering around $89/month. I've since learned that Classpass will increase to $145/month in Philadelphia. I think it is fair to say that I now NO LONGER think Classpass Philadelphia is worth it for travelers, especially those who are trying to save a buck or two I think this jump in price is against what they stand for (or at least the impression that they've created), so at this price point I would no longer endorse the service.