Do You Count States?


I've never really thought about counting the places that I've visited. Slowly, I've noticed people have numbers that they throw around though. How many countries, how many states, etc. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about "having a number," but I did find a super fun map to play with.

I decided to count the number of states I've been to in the United States. I've been really inspired lately to explore my own country. Maybe it was the road trip across? Maybe it is the fact that Southwest keeps having sales that are cheaper than any plane tickets out of the country? Either way, I've got the US on my brain.

So far, I've "collected" visits to 20 states. I didn't count states that I have just driven through. Otherwise Utah, Ohio, and Missouri would be on this list too! But I like to think that I have to actually add something to the local economy. Or see something super cool. Either way, I've got a LOT of work to do if I want to hit all 50!

My Top 3 States

California: My favorite city in the states is here, did you really expect anything else? I feel like California has anything and everything you may want. Wine, outdoor adventures, beaches, cities. California rocks this East coast girl's socks.

Colorado: As we passed into Colorado earlier this summer, I felt like I could stay there for weeks. The Rockies immediately entranced me. Maybe one day I'll be a good enough skier to handle those slopes. I feel like I have this dream life in Colorado full of outdoor adventures and happiness. That's some serious pressure.

Virginia: Does this count as a wild card? It kind of surprises me! Those of you that have been reading know I love me some Charlottesville. But Virginia also has Virginia Beach, which I totally dig. I was there for a half marathon, and it seemed like a pretty fun place! Maybe it's just the memories I have in Virginia, but it's definitely on this list!

5 States I'd Like to Add

Texas: Okay, if you've seen my sidebar latelyโ€ฆI am totally cheating in saying this. I am headed to Austin in less than two weeks! And believe you me, I will be investing in the economy down there for sure. Especially when it comes to food, I can assure you.

Utah: I drove through Utah and it was such a freaking beautiful state. I am a big fan of Katie's blog and she shares Utah adventures all the time. She's got me wanting to plan a trip out there as soon as possible!

Washington: Washington makes the list because of Seattle, I'll be honest. I'd love to explore more of Washington, don't get me wrong! But if I'm heading out there in the near future, it'll be to scope out Seattle as a place to potentially move.

New Mexico: Whenever I take a quiz about which city I should live in, I get at least three results in New Mexico. Who knew?? That fact alone makes me want to make it to this state. I wanted to swing down on our road trip, but it was too far out of the way.

Alaska: This might be a bit of a reach. Especially as we are heading into winter. But I think summer in Alaska would be so cool to check out. Heather has some awesome posts that have convinced me of this for sure!

Let's Chat!

  • Do you count states or countries that you visit? What are your rules?
  • If you could visit any state right now, which would you choose?