I Failed

Remember how awesome my 12 trips in 12 months thing was? I feel like I, to this day, don’t shut up about it. Remember how jazzed I was about my 12 new outdoor activities in 12 months?

Well, as you can probably work out from the spoiler alert of a title…I failed. Already. And it’s March.

January started out fabulous with my beast of a black diamond run. I had big ideas for February, but what to try? Snowboarding? Showshoeing? Cross country skiing? ALL OF THE ABOVE? I did my research and I had a place to rent all of these things, as well as lessons where necessary. I headed into February reallyfreakingpumped for snow for the first time in my life.

And then global warming happened and it didn’t snow enough for me to do any of those things.

Also February was ridiculously busy.

As February 24 approached and I was heading into the last weekend not having done anything new, I was agitated. Disappointed. Frustrated. And really down! I’m not very good at “failing” things and I just got a big ol’ “F” for the whole of 2017. Might as well call it quits.

I’m not exaggerating a bit. This is what my brain does.

But I’m challenging it!

Did I mess up February? Yeah, maybe. But I can tell you that the solution isn’t to stop trying to do as many new outdoor activities as possible. And if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know I rebounded HARD by going to Costa Rica and becoming unhealthily obsessed with it just being outside all the time.

Ay mis piernas! . Yesterday Paul (who I learned feels "eh" towards hiking 🤦🏼‍♀️) and I tackled the alleged toughest hike in the Arenal area. And guys, it was no joke. I cannot describe how tough some sections were. . But SO FREAKING FUN and SO FREAKING WORTH IT. I got to use some rock climbing skills, lots of controlled falling skills, and got covered in mud. What more could a girl want? 💕

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Now, I know not everything in life has to have a capital Big Life Lesson attached to it, but this one might. Let’s redefine failure. For real.

How many of you have no idea what you’re doing with your life? HI. How many of you feel like you’re not 100% where you want to be? Hello, me too! How many of you think that you may have “failed” at something? Ahem.

Freaking FORGET IT.

That’s just what life is, isn’t it? We haven’t failed. We’re just choosing the other option in the “Choose Your Own Adventure” book that is our lives.

And we can always just pick up another book if we need, hey? Say we "redefined" our life instead of "failed?"

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  • How do you feel about failure? Embrace it? Fear it? Use it as a tool? Tell me in the comments below!