Social Media for Travel: Pinterest Travel Planning

Last up in my social media for travel planning series is a real powerhouse: Pinterest. I was never really a huge fan of Pinterest until I realized the power that it held for travel planning. And today I am here to share some ways that you can make Pinterest travel planning work for you too. Before we go on, you might want to save the other posts in this series for your next travel planning session! Here’s travel planning on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, and Snapchat.

Pinterest Travel Planning

Pinterest Basics

Are you brand new to Pinterest (hi, Mom!)? I won’t leave you high and dry! It’s super easy to sign up for. Then you can start searching! When you see a pin you like, give it a quick click and see what it’s about. Along the top of the pin you’ll see a couple of options for what to actually do with this pin. You can Like it, Send it to somebody (through Pinterest, e-mail, or another social media site), or Save it. Save is what we’re going to be focused on, so go ahead and give it a click.

Now you’ll see the option to “create a board.” Go on and click that! Enter a title, choose whether to make it secret or not, and then you are ready to start collecting pins. It’s really as easy as that! Just be careful, it’s highly addicting.

Now…onto the travel planning!

Where Are You Going?

First things first, ladies and gents. Do you know where you’re going yet or are you using Pinterest for inspiration to see where you might want to travel? Pinterest is great for both things, but only if you know what you’re using it for. Otherwise it is so easy to get lost in endless pins!

Don’t know where you’re going yet? Just use Pinterest as Google. “Travel Inspiration” might not be the the most specific search term, but it is a good place to get started. Try “travel inspiration destinations” and you’ll get those ever-popular listicles of cheapest travel destinations or bucket list destinations. If you know you want to go to Europe, try “travel inspiration Europe.” Still listicles galore, but this time for fairytale castles or magical small towns. Peruse or pin to a board you create specific for travel inspiration!

Already know where you’re going? Congratulations! You are going to have a blast. Now before we move on, go right now and make a board for your next destination. I’ll be using my upcoming trip boards a lot in this post, so you can visualize some examples.

Top tip: Are you traveling with a group to this destination? If they’re on Pinterest, why don’t you add them to the board so they can add any options they might be interested in too? It’s super simple. Just go to the board you’ve created. You’ll see a plus sign above all of your pins…that’s the invite button! Just pop any e-mail addresses/Pinterest names in there and there you have it. Your first group board.

Creating the Perfect Pinterest Travel Planning Board

So where the heck are you going to find these pins? Sure, Pinterest makes it super easy to pin from the web with their built in browser button that you can download. But you can just go back to the Pinterest search bar and find everything you need. Type in the name of the place you’re going and you can use other suggested searches, check out other users (hint: look for tourism boards!), or other boards that people have created about this destination.

5 Essential Travel Planning Pins

Let’s break down what type of pins might be helpful. Those round-up posts are great starting off points because they’re super helpful for inspiration, but when it actually comes to travel planning you might want to get a little more specific.

  • Infographics - These are especially helpful if you’re heading to another country. They’ll give you fast facts about the destination. Think of them as a very handy cheat sheet!
  • Food Spots - This is where the round-ups really make planning tricky because you’ll always have to click through to see which ones you want to visit! Take the time to do that before the trip, but then consider pinning the specific restaurant.
  • Immersive Travel Tips - Are you looking for slow travel suggestions or interested in what the locals do? Don’t be afraid to find pins that say “like a local” on ‘em. Of course, you might want to check out the source. But I’ve found some fun suggestions this way!
  • Hotel/AirBnB reviews - Yup! Pinterest is even crawling with cool places you can stay. I just did a quick search of “Iceland + Reykjavik + Places to Stay” and got a bunch of listings and hostel round-ups popping up. It might be worth a look!
  • Photo Spots - Thank goodness visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are getting more popular. They even tell you where to find awesome places to photograph! You can search “name of location” + “photography” in the search bar and you might come up with some fabulous murals you have to visit.

What to Actually Do with Travel Planning Pinterest Boards

Okay so now you have these boards full of colorful walls, food suggestions, and more. How are you actually going to use them to plan? Well there is one really cool thing that Pinterest does that I have to share with you. Pinterest has allowed users to create “Place Pins.” Remember that flower mural I found in Nashville? Well this is what it looks like under the description of the pin.

BOOM. Enter that into Google Maps and you are good to go. Plus it even has some other suggestions for places you might want to check out. And that, my friends, is how you get sucked down a rabbit hole of travel planning on Pinterest.

Use Pinterest on the Go

Don’t forget that Pinterest (as with most things these days) has an app as well. So you can do all of this searching AND have all of this information right on your phone or tablet. Stuck for a place to eat tonight? Boom. Your Pinterest board has you covered. Have a few hours to kill before brunch? How about you check out that mural? Boom.

That’s why I love Pinterest especially so. It caters to a whole spectrum of travelers. People who need to have everything planned out can definitely do so with Place Pins. Heck, you can even make separate boards for a destination - places to eat, things to do, etc. etc. But! If you like to be loosey-goosey when you travel, you can use Pinterest as a source of inspiration and then leave it at that! It can stay in the back of your mind until, “Hey I saw something really cool online! Let me check what it was."

It’s fabulous.

Now get out there and travel plan with Pinterest! You’ve got this. If you need some help starting out, feel free to check out my Pinterest page. I’ve got tons of travel boards on there AND I follow a lot of really fabulous bloggers and boards. You could get lost - you have been warned!

Let’s Chat!

  • Do you have travel planning boards on Pinterest? I’d love to see ‘em! Any tips to share with us? I surely can’t have gotten them all!

P.S. My plan was to embed some Pinterest boards and pins to show you my Pinterest travel planning process, but alas! A technical error. If you have any questions at all or want a walkthrough, be sure to let me know in the comments or send me an e-mail.