What's Holding You Back?

I’m going to be up front with you. I want this to be a totally interactive post. So it would mean so much to me if you’d reach out in any way you see fit. Keep on reading for, ya know, what you’re reaching out about! Before I get to begging asking you for what I want. Let me run through a few scenarios. Just see if you identify with any of them.

Scenario 1

You’re sitting at work, let’s say you’re on a lunch break, about 20 scrolls deep into your Instagram. Your eyes are glued to a screen of stories and everybody seems to be on an adventure. Whether it be your best friend’s airport selfie or a seemingly perfectly curated mountain shot in a national park, you’re drooling a little bit. “I just want to leave. Get out there. Book a flight and go!”

What thought comes right after that?

Is it one that starts with a sigh? Followed up by a thought of, “if only…”?

Scenario 2

You’re in the middle of (yet another) memoir about a female traveler and adventurer showing the world who’s boss. Your heart starts to beat faster as you realize that you want to do this with your life. You start rereading the same page over and over again as your mind runs away with this fantasy.

And yet, when the time comes, you close the book and put it back on your shelf. Those dreams float to the back of your mind, only to be pulled forward again when you’re deep into the next book.

Scenario 3

You’re ready to set out on a camping trip you’ve been checking out for a while. You’ve Googled to your heart’s content, your gas tank is filled up, and you’ve got everything you need (at least, you think you do). You go to bed dreaming of your day tomorrow. When your alarm jolts you awake, however, your doubts start to creep in.

I don’t know, it’s kind of lousy weather. What if you can’t successfully build a fire? What if you get lost? Maybe it’s better if I go another day, after I think about this some more.

And for some reason, that “another day” keeps getting pushed off.

I want to talk about what happens after the dreamy part of these scenarios. Why do we do that to ourselves? I can’t be the only one who has been in each of these scenarios (multiple times). You know the thoughts that pop into your head, and I want to hear them too.

Some of them will be logistical. Let’s logic through them.

But I can bet that a lot of them have to do with fear. But let’s get deeper than that. Any idea what you are afraid of? Is it that fear of the unknown that doesn’t really disappear until you do the thing you’re fearing?


Is it something we can try to control or prepare for?

“I don’t actually know how to build a fire.”

“I don’t have anybody to go with.”

“I’m not strong enough.”

“I can’t actually GET there.”

“What if I run into a bear/moose/mountain lion?”“I don’t have the gear I think I need.”

“I can’t speak a foreign language, how am I supposed to communicate?”

“I have no idea where to GO!”

Here’s the thing. I want to help you make your adventure travel dreams a reality. I’m working on my own dreams too, and I’m not going to pretend to know all that there is to know about adventure travel. There is always something new to learn and it always seems like there is another personal obstacle to try to overcome.

Enter the podcast.

HOLD UP, hold your eye roll. I know podcasts are having a moment. And heck, why not join in on that moment? I listen to them all the freaking time and it’s a great space to have some conversations that just don’t land the same if you read them on a screen.

Besides, it’s already in the works. And I know you are going to LOVE these conversations.

But here’s where I want you to come in. And you’ve got two options.

Option One

YOU have a roadblock. Or three. Or eleven. You are totally identifying with these scenarios up above, including the part where you say “oh, but I can’t.” I want to know WHY you feel like you can’t. I want these guests to be able to help you – but I need to know what you need help with first! Your mission, which I hope you choose to accept: record yourself giving me a one-to-two sentence (or more!) blip about your obstacle. You can do this on your phone, your computer, a camera, etc. Then somehow get it to me – a good place to start is e-mail! Send it to amanda@chasingmysunshine.com.

Do you totally hate the thought of recording yourself? TRY IT. If you try it and hate it, you can shoot me an e-mail, tweet, Instagram message, etc! I still want you to play along!

Option Two

You have busted a roadblock in your life to make your dreams happen. Did you quit your job and take off in a van to get closer to nature? Did you wrangle your money and rewards points to make traveling a possibility? Do you help people overcome their obstacles? Did you hear those doubts in the scenarios above and say “NOT TODAY, my friend!”? I want to talk to you. We want to talk to you. You’re a superstar, and we want to hear your secrets. So shoot me an e-mail, tweet, flare, and let’s get chatting! Let me know what you’re proudest of overcoming in adventure travel or let me know what you are the expert about!

If you’re reading this and saying “oh, no way she wants to actually talk to me – I TOTALLY DO. Throw that thought out the window and get to sending!


So whichever camp you belong to, get to doing the thing! I’m so incredibly excited to hear from you. And hey, do you not totally feel like you belong in either of the camps? That’s okay too! But I would LOVE for you to share this with one of your friends that you want to support or nominate. Or send me their name and I’ll reach out.

To make your life easy, I’m going to link to the top three places you’ll be able to reach me. You don’t even have to click over to my Contact page!

Twitter – I’m on there far too much.

Instagram – This is slowly getting more fun for me.

E-mail – Any audio recordings should definitely be sent along here. amanda@chasingmysunshine.com

Any problems contacting me? Make sure to comment on this post and let me know!

Phew. We’ve reached the end. Now let’s get this rolling!