5 Things You Can Do to Regain Balance TODAY


Oh boy. Can you blog readers (you still out there?) tell that school has started again? I haven't even have time to think about feeling guilty about not blogging. But I'm starting to really miss it. I miss the outlet! I miss talking about my travels!

Whenever I head to a Twitter chat, my intro is something along the lines of "I'm an aspiring blogger trying to balance travel, blogging, and grad school. All while maintaining my sanity!"

NEWSFLASH: I'm failing. On both counts. All counts? Let's have a quick check-in, shall we?

Travel - 8/10

Actually, I would say that travel is my top priority right now. I'm headed to Charlottesville this weekend for a nice weekend getaway (and escape from Philadelphia's Pope-palooza). I just booked an AirBnB for Austin. I'm working on a place in Toronto. AND I just bought a flight to Denver for Spring break. So I'm doing quite alright for somebody who's got a full schedule. I just need to actually get traveling, and then I'll be much happier.

Blogging - 0/10

You mean you haven't noticed the lack of consistent posting? It's not even like I have a blank list of blog post ideas! I just can't make myself sit down and write them! I am even slacking on my Twitter chats, which makes me pretty sad. I miss being all gung-ho in terms of my blog's future. This week, my top three priorities include writing two blog posts. Maybe if I can get that done, it'll revive my spark. I hope it reminds me that I love doing this and I should make time for it.

Grad School - What feels like -1248975/10 might actually be closer to 8/10

I think I filled my plate just a bit too much. But it's okay. I'm settling in and figuring things out. I just have to figure out my future, which makes me feel anxious. All. The. Time. My brain and I are working it out. We'll see if anything comes of this relationship work.

Sanity - Ouch. 2/10

It's funny that the quickest way to stop exercising seems to be studying exercise physiology. Working out saves my sanity, and I'm not doing it at all. Here to tell ya. Eating healthy also makes me feel great. You'll be interested to know that I have bought lunch more times in the past two weeks than I have all year. I don't know if my boyfriend knows I even live with him because I get home and pass out in bed right away. All of these things together make for a very shaky sanity.

Regain Balance Today

So what do you actually do when you're trying to balance everything, and then you realize you haven't showered in five days? Should I not type that for the internet to see?  You're in a country that doesn't speak your language and you are exhausted and just want a fruit that you can identify and settle for McDonalds...again. You've been bouncing around from place to place and just want to rest your head...but need to do 1 million things instead.

Are you feeling similarly out of balance? Let's solve this thing. Or at least take some steps to regain balance TODAY. Sound good? These can be done at work, at home, while you're traveling...wherever!

Make your bed

I grew up a child that did not have to make her bed. I never understood it. Why would I make my bed if I'm just going to get into it again at the end of the day and mess it all up again? Even as recent as last year, I didn't make my bed. It was a mattress on a loft and I couldn't justify crawling around just to tidy up something that's going to be used again.

WELL. I can't explain this scientifically or psychologically, but making my bed makes me feel like I have it all together. Everything could be exploding, but if I make my bed it doesn't seem so bad.

Oh, are you at work? Go ahead and tidy your desk.

Investment: 1 minute (MAYBE 2)

Meditate for 5 minutes

Please let me be the first to say that if I saw this on a list a month ago I would have rolled my eyes so far into the back of my head. Then I downloaded a mindful meditation app and I've actually been trying to meditate. I'm secretly hoping life's answers will become clear to me, but it's a good moment to check in with myself either way.

I totally suggest Stop, Breathe & Think. It gives you a moment to stop and really think about how you're feeling. Then you pick up to 5 emotions you are feeling. Then it gives you a suggested meditation. Easy as that!

Investment: 5 minutes

Get that workout in

Yeah, I KNOW I just said I wasn't working out. But when I do it is what I like to call a "game changer." Total mood turn around. Endorphins are real! And you don't have to over think this, either. YouTube is a treasure trove of workouts. Do you have workout DVDs? Pop em in and sweat it out. Close that office door and get your yogi on. Heck, just lace up your shoes and go for a run. A walk! Just move in some way, shape, or form.

Looking for something to help you chill out? Try Yoga for When You're In a Bad Mood.

Ready to turn up the sweat factor? I just found this Fitness Blender channel, and I'm really interested in trying their High Intensity stuff. Try it with me!

Investment: 15 - 60 minutes. Make it work for you!

Set Your Alarm Appropriately

Are you one of those people who set their alarm for 5am with the best intentions of waking up and BEING PRODUCTIVE? And then your alarm goes off, and somehow you magically reset it to something more reasonable. 6:30? 7? Dude. Me too. Here's the thing, though. We have to be honest with ourselves. If you aren't going to get up at five, let your poor body sleep uninterrupted. You are not a bad person if you sleep in a little bit. Let's cut out the snoozes and add in some really quality ZZZ's.

Alternatively, are you yelling at me that you don't have time to workout? Here is where you fit it in, my friends. I know. Autumn sucks to try and get up earlier. Did you want sunlight streaming through your window? Too bad, it's dark. You want to be eased out of your blanket cocoon? Nope, it'll be chilly. But if you have to fit your workout in, set your alarm appropriately. And then stick to it!

Investment: <30 seconds. Rememberโ€ฆbe honest!

Outsource one thing

Our to-do lists are a thousand miles long. I know that. You feel like you need to do absolutely everything. I know that too. But if you scour your to-do list for something, ANYTHING, that you can outsource it might be more helpful than you think. Call upon your boyfriend to run that errand for you. Chat with your coworker about divvying up a project.

Oh, one more thing. Do you spend a zillion hours worrying during the day? Yeah. Been there, currently doing that. Call a friend or a family member and at least outsource your worry. Let them know that you'd appreciate an extra thought or two during the day. If this makes you feel lighter, a simple phone call is definitely worth it.

Investment: 5 - 15 minutes.

At the bare minimum: give yourself 30 minutes today to try to regain some semblance of balance. I will do the same. We can do it! This won't cut in too much to your city exploration time and will make you a much happier traveler.

And when all else failsโ€ฆjump in the shower.

Let's Chat:

  • What have you done for yourself today?
  • Do you have any fun meditation resources? I'd love to hear about them!