Classpass & I Are Breaking Up

Being in an exercise class with the music pumping, the instructor pushing you along, and your spandex-clad comrades all around you can be an awesome thing. The sense of community (or competition...) can be really inspiring. Especially in a place like Philadelphia, there are tons of options available to you. I've tried a bunch thanks to Classpass. I've been feeling stronger. It's nice to have a class schedule on my calendar that I get dinged financially for when I miss. I've found awesome instructors and a few studios/gyms that I really like. I've been waking up early for classes; this is something I thought I'd never do! It's been awesome.

But then, it got nice outside. And I realized that, despite all of these awesome benefits, Classpass is not for me.


I spent this weekend basically all outside. On Saturday, a couple of friends and I went over to New Jersey to check out a new-to-us trail. That smile you see in that picture was plastered on my face all day. Eating lunch on the ground was glorious. Meeting some super enthusiastic dogs on the trail excited me so.

Just like that, I really understood how it doesn't have to be a full-fledged adventure. Microadventures are good. Even if I stamp my foot and make it difficult to believe... I just enjoy them immensely more when it's warm and sunny.


I've been neglecting my Classpass account on nice days. I've been heading outside instead. I'm still active AND I am refueling on that much needed Vitamin D. That's a win-win, and I think I'll be okay! Plus there's this awesome thing about Philadelphia. Yes, I did just put awesome and Philadelphia in the same sentence. Me.

Philadelphia loves free fitness. And a lot of the time, this free fitness is outside. Sign me up, I'm there.

City Fit Girls

City Fit Girls runs are every Wednesday at 6:30pm. It is such an inspiring group of women! So I've got at least one run on my schedule every week automatically. Oh, I need some yoga? BOOM. Yoga on the Pier. I can yoga to my heart's content along the river. I still haven't gotten my butt to November Project, but it's here! Much as I love my 7am Flywheel class, I've got volunteering opportunities coming up that deal with biking OUTSIDE!

Rocky Statue

I think Classpass is a TOTALLY awesome concept. It's a great deal money-wise and you get a killer workout pretty much everywhere you go. Classpass is a great tool to help me get through cold months. But I think my money is better spent elsewhere (another story for another day). I'm lucky enough to have a gym membership through school, so I can still get my swole on inside if I wish.

Happiness is important to me. My blog name comes from chasing after it. I have to follow what makes me happy. In this case, we are talking about a very literal sunshine.

Do you prefer to take your workouts outside? Or do you like the structure that indoor classes provide?