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Steps to Solo Travel: Solo Travel Airport Tips

Steps to Solo Travel: Solo Travel Airport Tips

I was talking to somebody the other day who has never had to (or has gotten to!) fly by themselves. They mentioned that it seemed like such a lonely affair and they asked me if I had any solo travel airport tips. Now, I should warn you, I actually love the airport. Probably too much. I jump at the chance to drive somebody to the airport just so I can be around it. But that being said, I thought I might take this opportunity to talk about a step into solo travel that I haven’t thought of before — surviving the airport and the plane ride by yourself. This is perfect timing because this week I just got back from TBEX North America and…you guessed it! I’m flew from Philadelphia to Minneapolis (and back) by myself. In fact, I was sitting in an airport writing this! Here’s how I survive a day of travel, especially when there’s a layover. And then that layover is delayed. Without further adieu, I bring you my solo travel airport tips!

Steps to Solo Travel: Adventures in Solo Dining

“Are you waiting for anybody else?"“…Nope! Just a table for one, please."

I first uttered that response during my “spring break” trip to Denver. I wasn’t traveling solo and, in fact, I was staying with a great friend and her family! I really had this restaurant I wanted to try and it wasn’t on anybody else’s agenda. But I heard some pretty fantastic things about the milkshakes here…so missing out was NOT an option. Simple solution: I went by myself!