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An Ode to Weekend Getaways

An Ode to Weekend Getaways

I had a post from Austin all queued up for this week, sharing my favorite things from my trip. But when I sat down to write it last night (procrastination station, much?), I knew my happiness levels called for a different kind of post. If you’ve been reading, you know it is my New Year’s Resolution to travel 12 times in 2016. One trip for every month of the year! I just returned back from my January trip. It was a weekend away in Northeast Pennsylvania…an official ski weekend at Elk Mountain!

A Long Weekend In Chicago

You know how there are some trips that you plan that you just can’t stop thinking about? How you endlessly peruse Pinterest and scour other travel blogs to find the best things to do? I’ve had my share of those trips in the past, but Chicago was totally not one for me. I was excited about traveling with/to some friends but, all in all, the trip just snuck up on me. Blame it on the destination or the grad school, whichever you prefer. Either way, I was just not SUPERPUMPED about Chicago. And I am a SUPERPUMPED kinda gal. However.

Chicago totally surprised me! I am not saying it has moved its way onto my “To Move” list (uh, hey, winter in the city blows), but I was impressed nonetheless.

So what impressed me?