2016 Travel Resolution


Oh, is that a bandwagon passing by? Let me just hop right on and share with you some of my travel plans for 2016! First of all, I’d like to wish a happy new year to each and every one of you. I hope the first days of this year have treated you well. I know mine has been filled with much journaling, trying to figure out a focus word for this year. Or three. Alas, this is a travel blog! So today I’m going to talk about my travel resolution. And this is a goodie. And I would LOVE for you to jump on board.

Just in case this goal isn’t your style, Laura featured a few travel bloggers and their resolutions on her site…go check it out! 

Okay, so here it is: I’m going to be taking 12 trips in 2016. One for each month of the year.

“Trip” is used fairly loosely, and I think I did it at least a little bit intentionally. This way, I don’t feel like I need to have an international plane ticket for every month of the year. While that would be wonderful, hello, I need to finish grad school. ANYWAY. Should you want to do this yourself I fully encourage weekend/day trips, long trips, road trips, plane trips…whatever your heart defines as getting out there.

Another reason I love this travel resolution: it is SUPER fun!! I, for one, love planning trips. I love dreaming about trips. I also love making lists and making schedules. This keeps me loosey-goosey enough to really challenge my creativity while still giving me a bit of a guideline so I can MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Is anybody else like this? Lean too far in either direction and nothing is ever going to get done.

But enough background. Let’s get to the fun part! Keep in mind that this is absolutely a work in progress. Read: give me some ideas! So, my friends, get out a piece of paper and start brainstorming with me! I know there’s no lack of inspiration, but check out my Pinterest page (shameless) or this Buzzfeed article to get your wanderlust-y juices flowing.

2016 Travel Resolution - In Action!

January | Heading back to school (for the last semester!) makes this a tougher travel month, so this’ll be a weekend getaway in the form of a mountains trip! I’ll be heading up to Elk Mountain with friends to ski…if Pennsylvania ever sees snow.

February | My schedule for the spring semester STILL isn’t set, but I’ve got some really hopeful plans in the works to celebrate turning a quarter of a century…New Orleans Mardi Gras style. Because who knows if I’ll be able to handle it after 25. Ha! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

March | My “Spring Break” is the first week of March this year and I’ll be heading off to DENVER! I’ll be going with a friend from the program that hails from this magical land and I am SO looking forward to it. I’ve already tried to convince her to go snowshoeing and maybe stay in a yurt. She can thank Heather for that idea.

April | Wedding season starts to gear up now as I will be heading to Washington, D.C. sometime this month for a bachelorette party! I’ve kind of been craving a girls getaway, so this’ll be a good way to accomplish that and celebrate one of the best humans alive. And I’ll have great brunch recommendations to share thanks to another awesome human.

May/June | GUYS, I GRADUATE THIS MONTH. Please commence cartwheels and glitter tosses. I’ve got some plans cooking for a pretty big trail race this year as a bit of a celebration…50 kilometers of celebration. Ay! Currently I’m between two locations. So this trip will either be in May or June!

July | This month (okay…technically the last day of June but whatever) I’ll be setting sail with my family on a Royal Caribbean cruise. It’s a big graduation celebration for my sister and I and I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I am to just cruise and relax. This is Paul’s first cruise, so I imagine the excitement level leading up to this will be quite high.

August - December | Oookay I’ll be honest. After this point things start to get a little bit tricky. Because I don’t know where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing! And while this COULD be very scary…I am trying to look at it with as much excitement as I can. It just makes planning travel slightly difficult. But half of the year isn’t a bad start at all!

So what do you think? Are you on board? Ideally, I’d love to fill one of the later months with a solo travel trip. I recently listened to an episode of The Budget-Minded Traveler and it has me totally jazzed to set off on my own, for at least a little bit. She interviewed Steph of Twenty-Something Travel, and if solo travel is at all on your radar, I suggest you check out the episode. STAT!

I'd also really like to sink my teeth into the National Parks I've got right in my own country. I'm fairly outfitted for camping now and so I'm ready to go. I love hiking and I feel this constant need to get outdoors. Um...is there a better solution? Not that I can think of!

I am just so excited I can’t even stand it. Happy 2016!

Edited to add: Great minds think alike! Monica over at The Travel Hack is all over this. She even has a hashtag! So now I'll be using #Take12Trips and you should too. She's also got some awesome actionable steps to making this happen, so click on over there now if you want to join in!

Let’s Chat!

  • Do you have a travel resolution or goal? Where are you headed to in 2016? Let’s travel together! :)