Travel Resolution 2016 Update

Remember back six months ago when everybody was talking about how they wanted to travel more in 2016? Can you believe we are in June already? For those of you that had travel resolutions, now is the time to check-in. Or at least, I’m making it so! If you’re new to the scene, I made a travel resolution to take one trip a month in 2016. So let’s have a little recap of the year so far.

Travel Resolution Update

The Past

January / In true part-time travel mode, I enjoyed a weekend ski getaway in Northeast Pennsylvania and had a blast. Check!

February / My quarter century celebration trip to New Orleans was a go! I survived and thrived at Mardi Gras, but have yet to put a post together on my favorite things to do there. So that’s on it’s way. Check!

March / In the original travel New Year’s Travel Resolution post I said that March was the month to head to Denver. And head to Denver I did. I seriously had so much fun in that city and I know I have so much more to explore. But I also had a chance in March to hop up to New York City for a half marathon weekend. So double check!

April / April was a time of too much school work and stress and not enough travel for my liking. But it was the last push of graduate school, so I decided I was okay with it. Sometimes when you’re juggling priorities, the less fun one wins. But! I still got to Virginia and Washington, D.C. for a super fun bachelorette party. So this is absolutely a check!

May / Ha! In January I thought I’d be doing a 50k trail race at the Grand Canyon this month. Well that did not even get signed up for after I did some soul searching and plenty of back-and-forthing. I didn’t blog about it, but I’d be happy to chat about it with whoever wants. Just shoot me an e-mail or ask in the comments! May was not a failure though, and was actually my most traveled month so far. Ocean City, Maryland for a wedding. New York City for some Brooklyn wandering (definitely a post coming on that!). And finally Minneapolis/St. Paul/Bloomington, Minnesota for TBEX. So we can triple check off May.

The Future

So I would say it’s going pretty well so far! The rest of the year is pretty unknown, but I know I’m going to make this resolution work.

June / I am so excited to switch up my home-base for a couple of weeks, as I’m heading back to Connecticut to spend some time with family again this summer. I had such a blast last year riding bikes, camping out, swimming, and generally spending as much time outside as possible. So I know this one will be good for my (very confused) soul.

July / Cruise, cruise, cruise! I’ve already had some travelers try to turn up their nose at me when I say I’m counting this as a next trip. And I’ve got plenty of things to say to those people that won’t be suitable language for my blog (again, free to reach by e-mail. Ha!). This 100% counts as a trip and I am so excited to RELAX. I’m already planning on not connecting to the wi-fi (gasp!) and just spending time with my family. So it’s going to be great. And hopefully include a massage or seventeen. We’re heading out from New Jersey on Royal Caribbean so I don’t even have to pay for a flight. Boom.

August / I’ve got an August trip on the books! A group of friends and I are heading to Nashville, Tennessee. This city is blowing up in all of the best ways. I’ve got four days to spend there doing as many things as possible, including hopefully seeing my new TBEX bud, Lauren. It’s going to be a great trip.

September / Remember when I was freaking out about how I was worried I was scared to travel (how anxious can we make this sentence...)? Well, hopefully I’ve pushed past that roadblock. I’m planning a trip right now to Eastern Europe. My plans are so wide open currently, but I know I want to go to Lithuania because that makes up about 50% of my heritage. I’m not buying plane tickets quite yet because I don’t know where I’ll be job-wise, but everything else is being explored. Woo!

So there’s a bit of an outline for you. I know 2016 is going to work out for this travel resolution, regardless of what things pop up. I also know there will be camping trips and beach trips sprinkled in there, which I totally take for granted but shouldn’t. And while that end of the year outline might get a little wonky, I think it’s going to be good.

Let’s Chat!

  • So where are you headed? How are those travel resolutions (or non-travel resolutions) going?
  • Where should I go October, November, and December? Give me ALL of the recommendations!