Sunshine Chaser's Guide to Milwaukee, Wisconsin this? A post on a THURSDAY? Oh yeah, baby. Welcome to a new series: Sunshine Chasers. It's all about showing off your hometown, where you thrive. Today I've got a guest post for you from the wonderful Caitlyn. Take a look and make sure you give her some love. It's time to travel to Milwaukee with Caity!

I’ve been calling the East Side of Milwaukee home for over a year now thanks to the fine institution of graduate school. Milwaukee, which I fondly refer to as Brew City, is known for being the home of some beers you may have heard of, such as Miller & Pabst, and hosting the world’s largest musical festival every year, Summerfest.

Milwaukee is a small city, but this also makes it one of the most walkable cities, which is a definite perk if you’re visiting. I’ve actually managed to walk around the main drags all in one beautiful afternoon with a friend! The city is also broken down into neighborhoods, which all have their own unique feel. There’s the East Side, Lower East Side, Downtown, Third Ward, and Walker’s Point to name a few. Some of the best gems are just outside the city borders though.

When I arrive to any city my first concern is always:


Stone Creek Coffee – An independent MKE chain known for their delicious drinks. Check out the downtown location and wander around where all the coffee magic actually happens.

Rochambo- Located on the Lower East Side on Brady Street you’re likely to find a younger crowd in this artsy favorite. Think twenties and thirties. Want a little booze to go with that coffee? Rochambo has you covered.

Pleasant Kafe- A newcomer to the coffee scene, Pleasant Kafe is the perfect combo of local coffee, delicious wines, and Milwaukee craft brews. I love the cozy vibe and soft blankets strewn across the chairs.

Anodyne- Another fabulous micro roastery.


Benji’s Diner- Is it a hole in the wall? Absolutely. Is their food delicious? Absolutely.

Red Dot- Their hot wing special on Thursday nights is basically the best part of my week. Plus, they always have Moon Man by New Glarus on tap. Side note: New Glarus is an amazing brewing company only available in Wisconsin so give it a try while you’re here!

Comet Café- There’s a reason this hipster-esque delight made it onto Diner & Dives!

Blue’s Egg- Leslie’s got it right when it comes to Blue’s. Depending where you are venturing in Milwaukee this might be a bit of a drive & then a wee bit of a wait – It. Is. Worth. It.


Indulgence Chocolatiers- I used to get spoiled with their confections all the time by my old roommate and it was THE BEST. Their Third Ward location is fantastic – stop in for a wine or whiskey pairing with the chocolates!

Leon’s Custard VS Copp’s- The eternal battle for the best custard in Milwaukee.

Where to Stay

Pfister- Beautiful & historic.

Brew House Inn- Possibly my favorite place I’ve stayed in Milwaukee. Built where Pabst first brewed their beer you can find the original fixtures around the hotel.


If you’re visiting Milwaukee then I hope you’re into drinks because honestly… The rumors are true: we’re known for our bars for a reason.

Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge- Please, please visit Bryant’s. Bryant’s has a Gatsby kind of vibe but what they’re really known for is their 400+ specialty drinks. The server asks you what kind of flavors / alcohols and then BAM. They bring the most delicious concoction that you’ve never heard of. Trust me.

Draft & Vessel- This tiny little spot is new to Shorewood and has a constantly rotating assortment of craft beers. It also happens to be nestled next to Wax Wing my favorite store filled with independently & locally made goods.

Burnhart’s- Ah Burnhart’s. A hipster’s craft beer haven.

Sugar Maple- Craft beer on craft beer on craft beer.

Iron Horse- The Iron Horse is… Stunning. Visit the bar and meander around to take in all the goodness. Oh and order the cheese curds. The nerd in me also insists you wander around the halls to find the library. Swoon.

Silver Creek Brewery- Found in the cute area of Cedarburg this microbrew is the best in the summer time. You can bring your own food in and play games!

Sweet Mullets- Bit of a drive possibly, but a neat microbrewery.

Bel Air- Best margarita in town. Hands down.

Sobelman’s- You can literally get a bloody with a whole chicken in it. A. Whole. Chicken.

Exploring MKE

Public Market- Short on time? Visit the Public Market in beautiful Third Ward and find plenty of local goods!

Museum- At the very least go check out the actual building on the water, it’s an amazing architectural structure.

Summerfest- Milwaukee holds the title for the largest musical festival in the world. If you’re visiting near the end of June, then buy a day pass and see some shows!

Oak Leaf Trail- Bike or walk around almost the entire city!

FESTIVALS- Polish Fest, Bastille Days, Greek Fest, Festa Italiana, German Fest, African World Festival, Arab World Fest, Irish Fest and Mexican Fiesta. We’re basically really into our festivals.

Historic Third Ward- My favorite place to wander around for local shops & goodies.

Old World Third Street- A glimpse of our German roots.

Brady Street- A bit of shops, a bit of bars, a bit of fun!

Caity is twenty-three years old and lives in Brew City, which you might know as Milwaukee. She likes to tell people that all they need to know is that she's the perfect cross of Spencer Hastings and Aria Montgomery, but Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope are her heroes. She spends her days as a clinical social work graduate student, but her nights are filled with putting words to a page. She says, "Humans have always captured me, and why we do what we do. I’ve found that other people want to talk about this too. This is why my writing focuses on the human experience: relationships, moving on, how to deal when your life is in shambles. I mix insightful wisdom with a dash of hard-hitting sass."

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