Visit Northern Ireland: Family Edition


These days, I see a lot of adventuring and traveling styles in Blog Land. A ton of solo travel (woo!), travel with friends, travel with significant others - the list could go on! I don't see too much about traveling with family though. I'll admit, I don't do it much anymore. But our last trip was when I definitely learned to appreciate it.

I think we all went through a phase when hanging out with your parents was SO uncool. It shouldn't be done. Last November when my sister was studying abroad we decided to visit Northern Ireland (and her!) for Thanksgiving. She was in Coleraine, which is the perfect place for Causeway Coastal Route road tripping. My parents hadn't ever crossed an ocean so this was a capital B Big Deal.

So why was it so special this time?

See What Interests Them

When I first heard we were taking the trip, I was worried that our interests wouldn't align and there would be a constant battle over what we did. But it was actually pretty fun to sit in the hotel room and plan out the next day together! There were some things that we disagreed on, but I got insight into what they like to see and do on trips! For instance, my dad only wanted to see a castle. And a castle (or two) he did see.

Visit Northern Ireland

Show Them What Makes You Happy

I never in a million years thought that I would be able to convince my parents to go on a hike with me. But they got to see me doing something I love, and that was really cool. I think the waterfalls might have convinced them.

Visit Northern Ireland

Money Worries Quelled (for a moment)

You guys, I know how this might sound. Let it be known that I do not condone having Mommy and Daddy pay for all of your adventures. HOWEVER. I can't lie and tell you that it isn't reassuring to have your parents convincing you to splurge on dessert; they got you. Take it from somebody who cuts money costs anyway possible while traveling, this is a super nice change of pace! And I am super thankful for it!

You Get to See Their Minds Blown

I'll admit, my mind was blown too when I saw the Giant's Causeway. But it was pretty dang cool to see my mom and dad's brains exploding as they saw some truly awesome landscapes. When they were chatting with a groundskeeper at the castle about anything and everything, I could also see their minds being blown about just how nice (and chatty!) people can be.

Visit Northern Ireland


My dad was crazy about driving on the other side of the road. And then we decided we could go without a GPS. That's a totally fine thing, except for when you have incomplete directions to a hotel. Those first two hours in Northern Ireland were trying. But when I successfully navigated them to the hotel (yes Mom and Dad, I am taking the credit here), it was pretty dang satisfying.

Future Throwback Thursday Material

Maybe this is just my family, but when do you actually take photos together of the whole family lately? Now how cool is it that in the future, whenever I feel like doing a throwback to Northern Ireland with the family I can do that. And you can sit and listen to a slideshow of your parents talking all about it too. You're making memories, people!

Visit Northern Ireland

I don't get to travel with my family too often, but it is definitely not to be forgotten. Although, I did ask which international destination they would go to next. Their answer? Hawaii. So. We'll work on that.

What is your favorite trip you've taken with your family? Are you fighting travelers or do you get along swimmingly?

For those of you planning to visit Northern Ireland, the best tip I have is to TAKE YOUR TIME. Ireland is such a beautiful country that it's easy to want to speed through it all. But spending time along the Coastal Causeway Route and exploring the area is well worth it.