A Weekend in Boston


Boston is really not THAT far from Philadelphia. I was always that one out of my group of friends that had never been to Boston. I just had no interest in heading up there. But enter a boyfriend that loves taking Amtrak, and all of a sudden…why NOT go to Boston?

A Weekend in Boston

Where Did We Stay?

Well, dang, did you know that Boston is expensive? I had no idea until I started looking up places to stay. Of course my first choice is always AirBnB, and even that was pricier than I anticipated for a weekend! So we crossed the Charles and stayed in Cambridge (this is the place, if you're interested!) I would recommend it! It's not far out of the way, you can get super close to the T (public transportation for the win!), and you get to cross a beautiful river everyday. All wins.

What Did We Do?

Boston is one of those cities that is totally known for the history that happened there. We did a TON of walking, but followed The Freedom Trail through the city one day. It definitely wasn't a "hidden gem" of Boston away from tourists, but I WAS a tourist! Paul and I had fun Googling history that we didn't remember from grade school as we passed each of the sights.

We didn't discount Cambridge either. We walked around Harvard and pretended we were really smart. And then as a good end to one of our nights, we caught an ImprovBoston show. We tried to see the mainstage show, but it sold out. So let that be your warning! It's also got a bar in the venue, so you can drink while you laugh.

The rest of the time, we really just wandered around exploring different neighborhoods. I absolutely love doing that, even if it leaves you exhausted at the end of the day. That's how we stumbled into a festival in the North End! That's how we stumbled through a CRAZY market selling a pallet of apples for $2. Sometimes, wandering is the best way to explore.

What Did We Eat?

Yes, okay, MAYBE we should have eaten some seafood while we had a prime chance. Well we didn't. My two favorite eats were a burger and sushi. So there. We got the burger from Boston Burger Company on Boyleston street. They've got a couple of "famous" burgers on their menu. I got "The King," which I then immediately posted to my Instagram. Peanut butter. Bacon. Fried bananas. Done.

Cambridge came through with another winner for us in the form of Thelonious Monkfish. This was a recommendation from our AirBnB hosts and I am so glad we went. Paul and I hadn't had really, really good sushi in quite some time. We grabbed a spot at the bar and continually asked each other when the last time we ate something this good was. The reviews on Yelp kind of surprise me, but there's also over 500 reviews on there. Who knows?

As far as drinks, we didn't get very many. But ever since we visited Chicago, we've had a thing with getting drinks at the top of tall buildings. So we hopped to the top of the Prudential Tower to grab a seat at their bar! They also have an observation deck, should you not want a drink. But I don't know why you'd choose to pay to walk around an observation deck when you have the chance to sip a drink with a view. Or maybe I just have a problem and am obsessed with feeling classy. Whatever.

What Didn't You Do?

Paul has been to Fenway about a billion times (or maybe it is just two…) by now, so we didn't head over. It's not that I don't like seeing baseball stadiums, but we just didn't have time to do everything, and that's what got knocked off of the list! I wish that we got to explore the Beacon Hill shops a bit more, but I am not a shopper and lost my grad-school budget patience pretty quickly.

I'd also LOVE to go back to Brattle Book Shop. It's one of America's oldest and largest book shops. This was poor planning on my part, and it was closed on Sunday. But DANG. It looks like I would be totally overwhelmed if I came back. Any book lovers out there that have visited? Tell me all about it!

Okay, But What Are Our Thoughts?

I don't know who's going to come after me when I say this. But Boston reminded the both of us of Philadelphia. Like. A lot. We couldn't stop drawing comparisons between the two cities. Was it the cobblestones? Maybe. Was it the history? Probably. So in conclusion. Boston was fun for a weekend, but I do not see myself wanting to move there. Its level of greatness would never be enough to cancel out the freezing cold weather and million inches of snow.

Let's Chat!

  • Have you ever been to Boston? What did you think?
  • Where is the best sushi you've ever eaten? Maybe I should change my life mission and become "Best Sushi Seeker."