An Ode to Weekend Getaways


I had a post from Austin all queued up for this week, sharing my favorite things from my trip. But when I sat down to write it last night (procrastination station, much?), I knew my happiness levels called for a different kind of post. If you’ve been reading, you know it is my New Year’s Resolution to travel 12 times in 2016. One trip for every month of the year! I just returned back from my January trip. It was a weekend away in Northeast Pennsylvania…an official ski weekend at Elk Mountain!

I am a lucky enough individual to have one of the sweetest friends in the world. Rachel invited us to her family’s mountain house for this getaway. When I announced this as my first trip, I remember Rachel mentioning to me that she was glad this weekend was important enough in my mind to make the list. And I didn’t really give too much thought as to why it was so important to me.

As it turns out: holy CRAP was this weekend important to me.

Why Weekend Trips are Travel Too!

Unlike some of my other “weekendtrips,” there was nothing long about this weekend. It was a “leave Friday after work and come home Sunday evening” type of trip. It's easy to see other posts/Instagrams/etc about travel and get the impression that to be a traveler, you need to dedicate at LEAST a week to a location. I mean, how often do you see "weekend travel inspiration?" Not too often. I get caught up in it too. But the amount of pure bliss that I felt in those 36 hours was phenomenal.

Does that sound overdramatic? Haters gonna hate.

You Can Get Out of Your Comfort Zone...Comfortably

Travelers like to wax poetic about how getting out of their comfort zone is one of the best things about travel.

Let’s talk about being in your mid-twenties and being a new skier. Whenever I mention this to people, they either fall in the “never tried/tried once” camp or “black diamonds all the way, baby” camp. As of Friday, I was in the “not the worst skier in the world, but still fall a lot and chances of hissy fits are high” camp. As of TODAY, I’m in the “not the worst skier in the world, I fall way less, and no hissy fits to be seen” camp.

People, this is huge.

I was scared out of my mind going up the chairlift for the first time this season. I was convinced I’d be stuck on the greens for the rest of the day while my friends went on without me. The crazy thing is: I WAS OKAY WITH THAT. I accepted that. And then I went down some runs and continued to be nervous as all get out. But by the end of the day, I was totally killing blue trails. My heart was racing and my back is so sore today from bracing so hard, but I got out of my comfort zone and I am so, so proud.

Weekend trips allow you to get out of your comfort zone without committing to being out there for too long.

You Can Get Cozy

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to go on a trip to relax. Oh. Are almost all of you raising your hand? I thought so. It is entirely possible to relax on a weekend trip. A 2.5 hour drive was not stressful at all, and the group I went with was totally no stress. Why, why, WHY do I always forget about renting a place/finding an AirBnB so close to my home?

Although, if you follow me on Snapchat (folkstar219, heyo), you know I had a little help in the relaxation department.

Weekend trips give you an escape, without necessarily having the big price tag.

You Can Explore and Get Outdoors

While Philadelphia was getting totally blasted with snow, somehow the mountain got 0 precipitation. While I would like to think I would have gotten out in Philadelphia, something tells me Netflix and hot chocolate might’ve brought me back to my couch pretty quickly. And while hot chocolate was still enjoyed this weekend, it was after/before a healthy dose of outside too.

Obviously, you know I went skiing. On Sunday, we got out and walked around the village where we were staying. And even though I’ve been there before, there was still new stuff to see! We played around on an old ski lift (which sounds more dangerous than it was) and I also got introduced to the Geocaching app. Now, I have family that does it and Polly’s recent post made it sound super fun. But this was my first Geocache adventure.

Side note: For those that don’t know, Geocaching is like a super awesome treasure hunt. And it’s freaking EVERYWHERE. I’m obsessed. I will probably definitely be talking about it on the blog in the future! And it by itself is a great piece of weekend travel inspiration!

The struggle was real and no geocache was found, but we definitely tried our darnedest. And I had a crazy amount of fun. So props to Amelia for suggesting it. You’re a superstar.

You can still explore new places and go on outdoor adventures on the weekend. 

I came back from this weekend and I feel so good. I feel fulfilled. I feel relaxed. I feel accomplished. I feel great about my taste in friends. But most of all I just feel happy. I travel for a lot of reasons. But at the core, happiness is why I travel.

Now answer me this: when people ask you why you travel…what are the reasons? Can you accomplish it in a weekend? Maybe a good dose of weekend trip is what you’re missing in your life. Don’t count them out of your travel plans!

Let’s Chat!

  • What was your most recent weekend getaway? How did it make you feel? Share your weekend travel inspiration with me!
  • Seriously, have you tried Geocaching? I just want to make it my job. It’s excellent.
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