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I've been playing around with trying different types of posts. I've got to tell you, I thoroughly enjoy writing my travel posts. I am borderline obsessed with it. I've got to tell you, I think I'm officially a travel blogger through-and-through. Now I've just got to get to more traveling so I can write about all of it!

Knowing what your travel style is really helps you narrow down what is a huge, beautiful world. You could just go onto Pinterest and scroll through boards endlessly while you are picking a destination, but that doesn't always lead somewhere. I know when I read a ton of blog posts, I want to go EVERYWHERE. But everywhere doesn't always fit in with my travel style right now.

For example. I LOVE the idea of slow travel. Moving somewhere for a little bit and really immersing yourself in the culture is something I dream about. Or even heading to Italy for two or three weeks to road trip around the various regions. Sink your teeth in, slow travel.

Both of those are in no way manageable with my schedule. I wish! So they're on my list, but they don't fit in right this second. So nailing down your travel style may help you take action towards actually taking that next trip!

Discover Your Travel Style

How Much Time Are You Working With?

As I alluded to above, the first big thing that defines your travel style is how much time you actually have to do it. Do you have a job that allows you to hit the road and never look back, nomad-style? Or are you more working with a more restrictive 14 measly days of vacation? If you have to get creative with your timing, some destinations might be difficult for you to commit to right now. There are always ways to work around this, but like it or not…this is a big definer of your travel style!

Where do I stand? I think I complain an appropriate amount for you all to know by now that I'm a grad student. I can't travel too often, but usually I shoot for about a week trip. So I say somewhere from weekend getaway to week's vacation.

Is Weather an Issue?

Alright. You've got the time, now let's start thinking about location! I've seen all sorts of weather travelers. There are people that chase fresh powder and cold weather. And then there are others that chase the most beautiful beaches. Either way, if weather is something you are concerned with…add it to your travel style profile! For example, you've got a week in February free and you've always wanted to see Chicago. But you hate the cold and despise traveling with a threat of snow. Maybe you want to use this time to travel elsewhere!

Where do I stand? I am a self-defined sunshine chaser. Weather is always the first thing I look up when I've got a trip I'm looking at! I am getting out of my comfort zone with a winter trip to Toronto, though. So that could always change!

Where Do You Want to Stay?

There seem to be so many options for places to stay lately. Do you want a hotel, hostel, AirBnB? Are you more into couch surfing? How about house-sitting? Then beyond THAT, there are different levels of each! Do you want caviar on your room service menu, or are you just happy that there are no huge bugs in the shower this time? This is a really fun area to explore what your travel style really is. Take advantage of trying different things!

Where do I stand? I use AirBnB almost exclusively. For how often I'm traveling currently, it's nice to splurge and get a room of my own. But I still have that somewhat local connection that I really enjoy! Want to try it? Click here for $20 off your first trip!

How Much Dough Are You Rolling In?

And yes, you can roll in a bed of pennies.

Raise your hand if you thought this would be the first thing to define your travel style. Yeah, it's a freaking important piece. But I am a firm believer that if you want something badly enough, you can make it work (hello, priorities). But if you are indeed rolling in a bed of pennies, it might be really difficult for you to be a "luxe" traveler. Like I said, I don't like it being the main definition of your travel style…but it is certainly something to think about.

Where do I stand? Do I need to point out that I'm in grad school again? I am not rolling in mounds of dough, but I think I'd place myself in the money savvy category. Scouring airline deals is my jam and they really dictate where I fly, but I'm no stranger to "treat yo'self" mentality while I'm there!

Who's Your Travel Buddy?

As if managing your own vacation days and budget isn't enough, do you want to add anybody else into the mix? Traveling in a big group can be really fun, but it also definitely has some stressors. I have yet to travel completely by myself, and I imagine it to be a totally freeing and awesome experience. But it might get too lonely for your taste. I would say this preference does change your travel style, mostly because you have another set of opinions to keep in mind!

Where do I stand? I am going through a transition to solo travel (exciting!), but have yet to take my first trip. It's in the works though! For now, my best travel buddy is my boyfriend, Paul.

All of this being said, if you already have a destination picked out: I am fairly confident that you can make it work, no matter what your answers to the above questions are. Honestly, one of my favorite parts of traveling is discovering my travel style. I know that finding a niche something that people find important, but this discovery is more my style at this moment in time.

Just a quick note before I leave: I do not expect you to put yourself (or me!) in a box. But I do think you should have fun picking your next trip. :)

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