a look at my bucket list

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Let’s get something straight: bucket lists can get a bad reputation in the travel sphere.

Do I absolutely need to do all of these things to make my life “meaningful?” Heck, no!  Do I want to wait until I’m on my last legs to complete all of them (a la the aptly named Bucket List movie)? Nooo way. Not even close! Is this bucket list set in stone forever and ever with no changes to be made? I think you know where I’m going next – NO.

Are they a heck of a lot of fun? YES.

Bucket lists are a fun way to check in with yourself. They can definitely make picking your next adventure a bit easier. So without further ado – here’s a look at mine!


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  • go to the Olympics
  • go to a World Cup
  • lead a tour group
  • make good on my Trevi Fountain coin toss and return to Rome
  • visit every Disney park
  • take a “heritage trip” through Europe
  • live abroad for 6 months – a year
  • go on a yoga retreat
  • visit Jordan
  • visit Turkey
  • visit Australia (the fifth grade Amanda needs to be satisfied!)
  • eat sushi in Japan
  • backpack through Central America
  • go to Mardi Gras - DONE, for my 25th birthday!
  • go to Oktoberfest in Germany
  • travel with my sister
  • successfully photograph the Northern Lights - DONE in Iceland, October 2016!
  • travel at least once a month for a yearDONE as of December 2016!
  • turn 30 in another country
  • take my cousins on an international trip
  • drive a scooter in Italy or SE Asia
  • go to Cedar Point and ride ALL OF THE ROLLER COASTERS
  • go to a music festival, even though crowds are not my thing
  • take Paul on a safari

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  • hike Machu Picchu (got to start off with a classic!)
  • hike the John Muir trail
  • camp solo - DONE! Shenandoah National Park, September 2016… now I want to KEEP doing it!
  • camp all around the Pacific Northwest
  • camp in another country
  • life the #vanlife, if only for a while
  • ski a black diamond (preferably more than once) - DONE!
  • go mountain biking
  • visit all of the US National Parks
  • go scuba diving and don’t freak out
  • try surfing
  • go white water rafting
  • hike a 14er in Colorado
  • own a kayak or stand up paddleboard (or both)
  • volunteer at an ultra marathon
  • go rock climbing outside
  • walk on a glacier
  • go on a run on all 7 continents
  • do a triathlon
  • bike from Philadelphia to the Jersey Shore - DONE!
  • go on a long solo bike camping trip
  • bike the San Juan islands

see the list

  • purchase a hammock (gifted one Christmas of 2016!) and use it ALL THE TIME
  • teach English (or …exercise physiology?) abroad
  • work at a Children’s Hospital for a bit - DONE! Started October 2016!
  • get a dog
  • have international pen pals
  • get coffee/wine/beer with a friend at least biweekly for a year
  • sing karaoke
  • have a capsule wardrobe
  • help people achieve their bucket list dreams
  • skydive - DONE while studying abroad!
  • take a trapeze class
  • host Christmas dinner
  • join an in-person book club
  • meditate successfully every day for a month
  • see the NYC Ballet Nutcracker

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