Episode #1: Being a Beginner

Welcome to the show notes for the first episode of the Sunshine Chasers podcast! Episode one is dedicated to being a beginner, and we've got the perfect guest for this topic. Meet Laura from Outdoor Beginner!

When Laura was really jumping into outdoor activities, she couldn't find any resources actually written by a beginner, so she made her own. We share a goal of making the outdoors accessible and beginner friendly. And we talk about all kinds of good stuff in this episode: 

  • Some of our favorite beginner resources.
  • How it actually feels to try something for the first time and the mental challenges that come along with that.
  • Some barriers that stand in the way of us trying things and how to break them down.
  • Plus! Her every day job has to do with outdoor spaces, so she shares some insight there too.

One thousand thanks to Laura for coming on the show and kicking it off with such a great conversation! Be sure to give a visit to her website and say hi on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Here are the list of links and goodies we talk about in the episode that you may want access to: