Episode #3: Relentlessly Chase your Dreams

I am so. freaking. jazzed. for this episode of Sunshine Chasers. Today we chat with Stephanie of Curiosity & Courage. Stephanie is such a gem of a person and the way she chases after her dreams is infectious. 

Stephanie Headshot.png

Stephanie is a traveler extraordinaire, as well as an incredible writer. Our conversation is loaded with good stuff for you to dig into. We chat about:

  • The F-word: fear! Why we actually DON'T want to be fearless.
  • Embracing, honoring, and relentlessly chasing after your dreams.
  • Gathering creative inspiration from travels and her writing styles.
  • We discuss a new perspective on the word "authentic" and how its important to be authentic for your own sake.

Stephanie shares her work on her blog, as well as Instagram and Facebook so be sure to say hi and follow along with her next adventure. 

Here are the list of links and goodies we talk about in the episode that you may want access to: