Episode #12: Experience Animals Ethically

After a trip to Florida, I had a lot of questions about ethical travel. I took to social media and knew that I would love to have Sahra on the podcast! Sahra works in immigration by day, blogs about style & travel by night, and is incredibly passionate about ethical travel.

Picture from Sahra

Picture from Sahra

Sahra is probably one of the coolest people I know, so it is no surprise that you've got an awesome conversation coming your way. We're talking:

  • The way her interests grew into traveling ethically, as well as what that means to Sahra
  • Where in the world you can start your research journey on whether an animal encounter is ethical or not
  • The difference between style and fashion and how you can tie that in with your travels

Sahra's website is Que Sera Sahra and you can (and should!) follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

There are a ton of good resources and adventures in this episode:

  • Did you know this is NOT Sahra's first time on this site? Back when she lived in DC, she gave us the best places to visit there (and we talk about one of them on this episode!)
  • Want more on ethical animal tourism? Luckily, she's got a super-helpful blog post for that!
  • Sahra uses TripAdvisor to vet her animal encounter activities (pun intended) - best AND worst reviews
  • We're both part of the Girls LOVE Travel Facebook group, which is a great place to get suggestions (Warning: DEFINITELY also causes wanderlust)
  • Looking for some places to get started stateside? Try a national zoo focusing on education, conservation, and research (like DC or Omaha) or a sanctuary (Sahra loves the Wildlife Park in Gray, Maine)
  • If you're heading international start your search with Aquila Safari and Game Reserve for an ethical safari option, Boulders Beach for penguins near Cape Town, or Elephant Nature Park in Thailand
  • Everlane and Reformation are good places to start for more sustainable fashion...you can always shop vintage too!
  • If you're as style clueless as me, Sahra to the rescue! Use the code 'SunshineChasers' for 50% off remote styling on Shop the City
  • Sahra wasn't kidding...you should also check out Courtney's website because it is a thing of beauty (Her Instagram is too!)