Episode #10: Explore Your Parks

I originally "met" Sara Beth during a Twitter chat about getting outside. It was an instant follow and from there I knew I wanted to have her on Sunshine Chasers. And I am so glad she said yes!

Picture from Sara Beth!

Picture from Sara Beth!

This episode is so good and perfectly embodies what Sunshine Chasers is about. We're talking:

  • Rackers, for starters! I obviously gush about her adventure pup
  • Some of her favorite experiences in US National Parks, and not just the capital N capital P ones either!
  • Why the industry needs to get its act together when it comes to encouraging participation outdoors for people of all body types and abilities 

Follow Sara Beth on Twitter and Instagram to stay up on her adventures. Also be sure to check out her website for a bunch of fun resources and incredible suggestions!

We talked about a bunch of great resources in this episode and here's where you'll find links to all of 'em!