Episode #9: Express Your Health

When I put a call out into the social media universe for podcast guests, Hanna reached out to me. I'm SO glad she did! She works in PR for health and wellness brands, lives in Oregon, and has a travel itch as big as mine.

Hanna Knowles.jpeg

Here's some of the good stuff we talked about. Let me tell you, we managed to fit a wide range of topics in under forty minutes!

  • What working in PR actually means and the most important aspect of it for Hanna
  • A really spot-on discussion about what "health" means and how we can embrace it
  • The concept of stability vs uncertainty and how those two things interact 

Make sure to follow along with Hanna on her websiteblog, and on social media! She's on Instagram and Twitter just awaiting your hello. 

Here's all the good stuff we mentioned in the episode!