Episode #4: Live Big

Today, my friends, I've got an episode for you all about Living Big. And we've got the Living Big expert with us today: Mary! If you want to make travel part of your career, this is a must-hear.

Mary's photo off of her website!

Mary's photo off of her website!

I have always been fascinated with tour leading, and it's actually one of my big dreams for my future! But whether you dream about leading a tour, going on a tour, or just traveling with a group of people - we've got tons of stuff for you in this episode!

  • Mary fills us in on what "living big" means to her and why it is the cornerstone of her trips.
  • We chat about what makes a good fit for group travel to help you decide on a tour.
  • Mary also inspired me with her talks of starting her own business(es!) - I have a feeling she will inspire you too.

You can find out more about Mary's services on her website and stay up to date via her Facebook page. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for a sneak peak into her trips!

Here are some links to goodies we talked about in this episode: