Episode #8: Make Your impact

I am truly excited to share this interview with you today! I get the chance to talk with my pal Corey about a lot of good stuff, but also a biggie in both of our hearts: education.


Our conversation is full of good stuff and Corey has a ton of resources for you as well! Some things we talk about include:

  • Corey's different definitions of trips to take and how each can have a place in a traveler's style
  • Her path to education and how it has shaped her life since
  • How we can get more informed and support the youth in the United States (and beyond!)

Be sure to keep up with Corey on her Instagram and support her fundraiser here. Even though she's already run the half marathon, you can still donate!

There is a ton of good stuff in this episode, so you know I've got all the links you need down below!