Episode #15: Obsess About The Olympics

From the moment one of Darci’s tweets came across my Twitter feed, I knew I wanted to ask her to be on Sunshine Chasers! She’s experienced The Olympics in many different facets - including an Olympics-themed birthday party at age 7. So yeah, you’re gonna love her.

Photo from Darci

Photo from Darci

This was such a fun conversation to have and as a gal who loves The Olympics, I could have probably talked to Darci for a much longer time! Here’s a quick summary of our topics:

  • All things Olympics, of course!

  • How to support the Paralympics when it can seem forgotten

  • What it’s like to be a contestant on a reality TV show…as a teenager!

Follow Darci’s work on Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to check out her blog too!

There are some links to some very important things we talked about shared below: