Passport Series: Aneesa (Expat Panda)

Welcome to the first episode in a series featuring travelers with passports from different countries who travel the world. I wanted to have this series because a lot of Sunshine Chasers listeners (hi!) have a United States passport, or another fairly strong passport. But 2019 is a year of opening yourself up to other peoples’ experiences - so let’s start the (podcasting) year up right!

Photo from Aneesa

Photo from Aneesa

Meet Aneesa - also known as Expat Panda. She is a full time teacher currently living in Dubai and traveling the world with a South African passport. Here are some things we chat about in this episode:

  • Aneesa breaks down what “strength of a passport” means and what passport privilege is.

  • We discuss how the words “immigrant” and “expat” are used in our experiences and why she calls herself an expat - in addition to some travel stories about places she’s visited recently.

  • You know I couldn’t help asking her about her teaching experiences and chatting about education!

Follow Aneesa on Instagram and make sure to check out the posts on her blog as well!

Here are some additional things we mention throughout our conversation: