Episode #6: Run Wild

If you love the National Parks, you’re in luck for this episode. If you also happen to be a runner? Well, then we’ve got a match made in heaven today! We're talking to Bill Sycalik about his Running the Parks project.

Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park

Bill has got a ton of miles under his feet working on a project to run a marathon in all of the United States National Parks, and this is a great story to listen to on your next long run! When you press play, you're going to hear us talk about a bunch more, too.

  • Running (obviously!) Why he loves it now, the community behind it, and more.
  • Giving yourself permission to slow down.
  • Different mindset shifts he's experienced at different points of his life.
  • How and why his National Park project got started.

Follow along with Bill's project on his website. You can also follow along for his remaining US National Parks on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you were listening in and you're visiting this page to find out more about any of the resources we talked about in the show, look no further!