Science Series: Ashleigh Thompson

We’re taking a new twist into the next series on Sunshine Chasers! This hasn’t explicitly been a part of the podcast before, but I’ve got a bit of a science side to me. And WOAH are there so many ways we can think about it while we’re outdoors. This next series features grad students across some specialties to share their stories and studies.

Photo from Ashleigh.

Photo from Ashleigh.

Up first is the incredible Ashleigh! Our conversation spans a ton of different topics, some of which include:

  • How her path has led to studying indigenous archaeology and what her research entails.

  • Why you should learn indigenous histories about the lands you recreate on and the places you travel - even if you didn’t learn about it in school, that doesn’t mean you should ignore it.

  • How she makes her mental health a priority and why that’s so important to her!

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Links we talk about that you might be interested in:

  • When you get started with your own indigenous land acknowledgements, this map could be a good jumping off point for you!

  • Another step is googling “reservations in ________” and filling in state and specific information to find current information.

  • Do you have access to a database like JSTOR? You can search there too! Check with libraries (university, public, etc) to see if you can gain access if you don’t currently have it.

  • Ashleigh works with Natives Outdoors and you should check it out!