Science Series: Becky Friesen

Have I mentioned how psyched I am about this science series of the podcast? Today is another new episode with Becky Friesen!

Photo from Becky.

Photo from Becky.

Becky is currently studying butterfly response to forest fires in Mexico (!) and oh my GOSH do we talk about a lot of good stuff in this episode.

  • You can scratch your travel itch by hearing about Becky’s field work experiences.

  • She gives us her definition of conservation - then takes it a step further and highlights the importance of looking at political, social, and economic barriers to conservation.

  • We chat about environmental justice and how to respect the places we’re recreating, studying, and traveling.

I am in love with Becky’s Instagram and you can follow her on Twitter too.

Get ready for a TON of resources coming your way!