Science Series: Lydia Jennings

Up next for our Science Series, I’d like to introduce Lydia! She was so kind to bear with me through some technical difficulties…including completely redoing our recording. So I’m extra excited to present to you this interview!

Photo from Lydia.

Photo from Lydia.

Lydia is currently a PhD CANDIDATE (woo!) in Arizona studying soil microbiology. She’s also a trail runner and I can’t wait for you to hear our chat. This is one of those episodes that is SUPER hard to sum up in three bullet points, but some highlights include:

  • What Lydia is studying, a bit about her journey to these topics, and why we should care!

  • How you can connect more with and be a steward of the land (spoiler alert: we both are huge supporters of going local)

  • Trail running and the communities that Lydia experiences in Tuscon, Arizona

Lydia posts some phenomenal things on both her Instagram and Twitter - be sure to give her a follow!

All of the things that we discussed in the episode that may have a link are outlined for you below: